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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season Logo and identification

With warmer weather already here, and with the hurricane season already proving to be an active, now is the time to prepare.  If each Robeson County and City of Lumberton resident would take a few moments to learn about hurricane safety and implement a hurricane safety plan, then we would all be better off when hurricanes threaten our area.  Remember you should prepare EACH and EVERY YEAR, as it only takes ONE Storm!

1. Education:  Learn about the dangers of hurricanes through the North Carolina Hurricane Preparedness website through Weather.Gov.

2. Preparation
     A.  Hurricane Preparedness 
     B.  Disaster Kit

3.  Communication
     A.  Housing Authority and Lumberton Phone Numbers
     B.  CodeRed Alert System for Robeson County - text/phone call emergency announcements (free)

3.  Taking Action
     A.  Preparing to Evacuate  

Media Kit