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Friendly Dental Van Mobile Dental Program 

Facts and information 

The goal of FDV is to provide comprehensive dental services to those
children (and adults) who do not normally receive routine and ongoing dental

 FDV offers onsite comprehensive dentistry, including exam, cleaning, x-rays,
sealants and any cavity treatment needed.
Who gives permission for children to be seen?

 The parent/guardian of the child must complete and sign a form giving
permission for treatment to occur. Adults complete and sign their own forms.
Who pays for the treatment?

 If the patient is covered by Medicaid or North Carolina Health Choice, that
information is collected and FDV processes the necessary paperwork. If the
patient has private insurance, that is also accepted. We do NOT accept any
cash payment.
How are liability matters handled?

 Once the patient steps onto the van, FDV assumes liability until they step off
the vehicle. Verification of comprehensive insurance coverage (Certificate of Liability) is available upon request.