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Facilities Use Policy

The Housing Authority of The City of Lumberton (HACL) has certain community facilities available for use. These facilities exist primarily for the benefit of the residents but shall be available to responsible, non-resident sponsored community groups with the written permission of the Executive Director and/or his/her designee.

Community Room Utilization

All recognized and responsible organizations will be granted equal opportunity and fair and equal treatment with respect to granting requests for meeting space.

The Executive Director, or designee, shall be responsible for scheduling groups into the spaces. Groups may be regularly scheduled for specific time and space on a continuing basis with the written permission of the Executive Director. This permission shall be subject to revocation by the HACL at any time. Priorities for scheduling groups into HACL space shall be as follows:

The administrative staff is responsible for the proper utilization of the Community Room, Recreation Room and all other common-use spaces. Following are some  examples  of appropriate use of the Community Spaces:

  1. Educational uses such as: Nutrition/Health, Exercise Programs and Lectures.
  2. Entertainment such as: Holiday Parties and Musical Entertainment.
  3. Group Activities such as Resident Association Meetings, Spiritual Meetings, Rummage Sales, Bake Sales, Games/Puzzle/Cards.
  4. Housing Authority of the City of Lumberton use: HACL Board  of Commissioner meetings, HACL Staff meetings and City of Lumberton meetings, as requested.

If no activities are scheduled, assignment for the use of the community space will be as follows:

First Priority

HACL Meetings or Business of any nature shall have first preference for community room space.

Second Priority

Tenant Association Activities shall then have preference for community space use. The Association Officers planning to make use of community spaces should contact the HACL Main Office staff in advance to reserve it.

Third Priority

Individuals or groups volunteering or responding to invitations to provide educational programs and/or entertainment to increase resident self-sufficiency. Those reserving the community space are responsible for returning that community space to its original condition. Failure to do so will result in damage charges being assessed  that will cover the cost of materials and supplies needed to restore the community space to its original condition.

Fourth Priority

Groups and Organizations who can be expected to cooperate with and assist the HACL in various ways. Those reserving a community space are responsible for returning that community space to its original condition. Failure to do so will result in damage charges being assessed that will cover the cost of materials and supplies needed to restore that community space to its original condition.

A file will be maintained on community space activities, indicating dates, number of participants, and general comments. Community space activities will be posted on the bulletin board calendar for the convenience of residents.

Responsible community agencies conducting education, health, welfare, and recreation programs to meet the needs of the residents may do so without charge for the facility space. Facilities  within these spaces may be used occasionally without charge by other groups for non-income producing purposes, such as meetings of veteran's organizations, civic groups, if there is no interference with the use of the building by HACL or resident sponsored activities.

Upon approval of the HACL Board of Commissioners, the space may also be used by public agencies or recognized welfare or benevolent organizations for income-producing purposes such as benefits, bazaars, exhibits or suppers, provided the following special conditions are met:

  1. There will be no charge for any approved resident activity, or any other activity hosted by outside agencies that are affiliated as follows: government, religious, or not-for-profit. For all other agencies, a charge of $125 will be required to cover the cost of utilities and janitorial expenses.
  2. The group must strictly adhere to Federal, State, and local regulations regarding permits for, and taxes on, such enterprises.
  3. Proof of liability insurance in an adequate amount as recommended/prescribed by the NCHARRP is provided.
  4. Any profits should be used to promote the residents as a whole or some recognized welfare or benevolent purpose.

All groups using the facilities are required to restore the space to the condition they found it before the event. This will require cleaning all litter and excessive dirt to the extent that is practical. The group will agree to be responsible for any damages occurring during their event. Based upon past use of the facility by a specific group, the HACL may require a refundable $500.00 security deposit prior to a group using the facilities. Continued violation of this condition may be grounds to deny future use of the facility.

No one using the facilities of the HACL shall allow the use or sale of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or other controlled substances on the premises.

In order to be sure that all agencies or groups using the Authority's facilities are aware of this policy and agree to comply with it, they shall be required to sign a copy of this policy certifying their agreement to comply with it. A copy of the signed policy shall be kept on file in the Housing Authority's Office.

The HACL also owns a considerable amount of property where buildings have not been constructed. Residents and their guests shall be entitled to ordinary and reasonable use of all outside areas (including recreational facilities, playgrounds, basketball courts, etc.) in accordance with the Lease and the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy. However, no resident, guest, or third party is authorized to any other use of any outside area on any property, except in connection with official HACL sponsored activities.

The HACL is concerned that the outside areas of its properties not be used in such a way as to force residents into becoming "captive audiences" for activities and events which are not sponsored by the HACL and are not deemed by the HACL to be within the express or implied purpose of the Authority. It is specifically the intent of the Authority that the outside areas on its properties not be considered as a designated public forum or even a limited or nonpublic forum so as to require the HACL to allow third parties to utilize or have access to such areas for activities and events that are not officially sponsored by the Authority.

If there are any maintenance problems while you are using the Community Room, please call the Main Office at 910.671.8200. If it is after hours, call 910.740.8220 to contact the appropriate individuals to take care of the problem.