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Becoming a New HCV Landlord

Interested in becoming a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) supporting landlord?

The role of the landlord in the HCV program is to lease decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent. The housing unit must pass the program's housing quality standards (HQS) and be maintained up to those standards as long as the owner receives housing assistance payments (HAPs). 

Step 1:  Contact Us!!
We will walk you through the steps, dispel myths, and provide you the information you will need to be successful.
Email:  HCV@LumbertonHousing.Org
Phone:  910-671-8200

Step 2:  Select a tenant who has a voucher to use (trust us, they will come).  We admit eligible families to its HCV program. Select and approve one of these voucher holders based on your own rental criteria, then fill out the voucher holder's Request for Tenancy Approval form. The Lumberton Housing Authority must determine that the proposed rent is reasonable compared to similar units in the marketplace and not higher than those paid by unassisted tenants on the premises.

Step 3: Make sure your rental unit meets minimum standards (we will help you determine what needs to be addressed for free!).  An inspector will conduct an HQS inspection. All housing units with HCV tenants must meet the following thirteen (13) HQS performance requirements both at commencement of assisted occupancy and throughout the assisted tenancy:
• Sanitary facilities
• Water supply

• Food preparation and refuse disposal
• Lead-based paint

• Space and security
• Access

• Thermal environment
• Site and neighborhood

• Illumination and electricity
• Sanitary conditions

• Structure and materials
• Smoke detectors

• Interior air quality

Step 4: Sign you lease and HAP Contract, and start receiving payments.  Once you and the tenant sign a lease and you submit the signed lease to the Lumberton Housing Authority, you will receive a HAP
contract from the Lumberton Housing Authority to sign. Once the HAP contract between you and the Lumberton Housing Authority is executed, you will begin to receive monthly HAPs from the Lumberton Housing Authority and the remainder of the rent payment from the tenant.